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Inkjet Plotter Papers Rolls and Universal Adapter

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Inkjet Plotter Paper, today are 2" Core Rolls & Sheet Standard length Sizes. However, upon today's creation of the Xerox IJP, which takes 3 inch Core Rolls many of the Inkjet bond paper plants are converting to 3 inch core plotter paper roll sizes.  Over the course of time customers have tried to achieve using a 3 inch core roll on a 2 inch roll core inkjet machine yet the issue became the core size was too large for the plotter papers inkjet printer.  

Today this has been circumvented with a universal adapter.  The universal paper roll adapter comes in pairs of 2, fit on either end of the roll then one can adjust the size needed to print on the plotter machine.  This topic was almost taboo for years.  Not anymore for HP and Canon are making them.  What we do for the customer is each roll that has been converted into a 3 inch core roll we send core adapters with the roll.  So bottom line is "no worries, no hassle" we have you covered. Some you may find are

  • Color Bond 36lb
  • Color Bond 46lb
  • Cheap and Good 48 lb
  • Cheap ‘N Tacky 38 lb
  • Vinyl Plotter Paper Roll
  • call 888-239-8045 for more

Universal by HP Plotter Paper